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Fun Day for Elementary Students
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Field trip for Secondary and Preparatory Students
تأهل فريق البيان لنهائيات البنتابول
فوز فريق البيان الحديثة في الكرة الخماسية ”بنتابول“ (بطولة فرق الدوري الممتاز للآنسات) وحصوله على المركز الثاني وتأهل للنهائيات مع فريق التجمع.
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Who We Are
A school should prepare students for life, and not only for graduating. In 1992 the dream of forming such a school became reality with the establishment of Al Bayan Modern School. The name of this school portrays the reason for its existence, Al Bayan, or knowledge. The school aims at teaching its students all that they need to know to survive and excel in university and in their everyday life. 
Kindergarten   Interactive Labs

Kindergarten is the most important stage of education since it sets the basis of the learning hierarchy. BMS is keen making the learning experience enjoyable for its KG students so that they can benefit from it to the fullest. 


BMS realizes the importance of computer literacy in this technological age, so it ensures that all of its students graduate knowing how to use them. Both interactive and computer labs are available.